John Huntingtons

JohnMy name is John Huntingtons and I am not a director, a researcher or for that matter of fact a leading proponent on Huntingtons disease! What I am is a concerned citizen of this world, out to disperse and gather information. This is my blog and my diary, my home and my preview of all that happens around me. I will attempt to deliver sermons, give my thoughts on things happening in and around Australia but will also look at diversifying globally, gathering info on various websites, useful resources in different niches and hopefully give my readers something more than an average read to consider.

For my first piece, I do wish to talk a little about what the New Year holds in store for me.

Firstly, 2014 I deem to be an year of change, both personally and professionally. Forget profession, those are just rants of an usual middle class worker. As for personal, I have decided to dedicate my time for personal growth and this website is a part of it. Less time to others and more time for things that I have always wanted to do and this brings me to something that I want to ask all of you, my readers.

How much time do we give our own self?

My experience has led me to believe that in the priority list of life, I deem myself to be somewhere around the middle and it has led me to believe that this is the root cause for most of my problems and sorrows. So, 2014 is going to be my year of change.

Starting from toothpaste up to taking a jog early in the morning, my daily activities are about to take a major change for the better. When will you start doing the same?

Enough about me already. In future posts, I will begin sermonising on things that I find interesting so stay tuned for my next post coming out real soon!